View Full Version : Sensor size, pixel count, zoom & aperture

14-01-13, 02:45 PM
I am into action photography (wildlife and sports) and wish to purchase a bridge camera:
1) Which sensor size and pixel count would be better?
2) Would a smaller zoom (e.g. x24) with a larger aperture (e.g. f2.8) throughout the zoom range be better than a larger zoom (e.g. x 50) with a smaller aperture that is not the same throughout the zoom range (e.g. f/3.4W; f/6.5T)?

14-01-13, 03:58 PM
This is just my personal choice I would pick the larger, constant, wider aperture over the smaller variable option you could always make the subject bigger by cropping. As for sensor size the bigger the better... Graham

14-01-13, 06:16 PM
I would go with graham. But have you considered a DSLR

Nigel Atherton
21-01-13, 12:30 AM
The Panasonic FZ200, with its 24x constant f/2.8 lens would definitely be the way to go as far as a bridge camera is concenred. Its a remarkable feat to get a lens like that into a camera of that size when you consider what a DSLR lens of that spec would look like. When you're zoomed out to 600mm having that fast max aperture can make a huge difference to your ability to get a sharp image with no camera shake (even with the IS) given that its 2-3 stops brighter than competitor models which, to ge the same shutter speed you;d have to increase the ISO by a couple of stops.