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08-01-13, 01:22 AM
Hey folks

A friend of mine just bought the new Samsung Galaxy Camera. Made us realise that our Sony cyber shot is about about 6+ years old and probably time to upgrade.

Was very impressed by all the bells and whistles of the Samsung Galaxy Camera, but given I haven't looked into cameras for a while I wanted to see what else might be comparable to the Samsung. I was impressed by the picture quality and photo taking aids, and managed to get some great shots of the kids and you could see the difference between this and the old cybershot.

Any advice would be great - before I purchase a Galaxy camera



08-01-13, 06:34 AM
hi and welcome to be honest not seen one of these but the reviews are a mixed bunch so maybe get your friends again and have a closer look at it. i would also look around at what else you have in that price range

09-01-13, 09:56 PM
Thanks Wave

I have had another look at my mates camera and am very impressed. Just don't want to get caught up in the 'social connectivity' hype. I was impressed by the picture quality and various aids for a novice like me, but just not sure if these are kinda standard now on a decent digital camera these days.

appreciate the reply


10-01-13, 06:32 AM
when you look at the price it is expensive and there are others in that range that are rated high for image quality in that price range maybe time for a visit to a shop and compare

Nigel Atherton
20-01-13, 11:40 PM
It isn't the best camera for the money if image quality is the most important factor, though it would be a lot better than your old cybershot. What you're paying for on the Galaxy Camera is that amazing huge touchscreen, the big 21x zoom lens and that connectivity. I don't think it's 'hype' - personally I think most cameras will soon have at least wi-fi, though whether people will want to put a sim card in their cameras to get 3G remains to be seen. This is the first and so far only camera that has that feature. If you share most of your pictures on social media its a good option, as you can do that from the camera. Alternatively there are lots of wi-fi cameras that enable you to send an image to your smartphone so you can upload it from there.
Overall its impossible to say if the Galaxy Camera is the best option without more info. Such as:
• How important is image quality (most compacts are fine for web use and prints up to A4).
• Do you need a big zoom?
• Do you wnat to be able to fit the camera in your pocket?
• Do you want a viewfinder?
• How much do you want to spend?

A bit more info on what's important to you, what sort of pics you take and how you share them would be helpful.