View Full Version : DSLR for SIGMA 150-500

Les Mundy
02-01-13, 01:41 PM
Only interest is bird/wildlife photgraphy. Decided to buy Sigma 150-500 zoom telephoto lens but appreciate advice on camera to suit.

Reviews say that this Sigma lens gives best images at f8 or f11. My understanding is that to get the fast shutter speeds needed at either of these apertures will require med to high ISOs.

Camera reviews in the current 'What Camera? 100 Cameras Tested Winter 2012' on the Pentax K5 and K30 indicate that both of these Pentax models produce images that are generally acceptable up to ISO 3200.

Has anyone with any experience of using either of the cameras with the Sigma 150-500 lens able to comment please?

Best wishes for 2013 to you all.

02-01-13, 06:04 PM
hi and welcome as you are looking at a sigma i think looking at the reviews i would have gone for 120 -400 it seems to have a better write up. then its down to a body and that will be a personnel choice. get one that feels right dont settle for i will get used it also think of a mono or tripod these are big heavy lenses

03-01-13, 07:11 AM
just to add there is a sigma 120-300 f2.8.
if you chose canon then there is the really nice canon 100-400