View Full Version : Which Camera to buy?

17-12-12, 06:49 PM

We are expecting our first baby on May 2013 and was considering to buy a good camera to capture baby pictures. My DH is looking camera's at 1500 + . Im sure there are some affordable camera that capture baby photos/videos similar to professional one. Please can forum member give good advice on which camera to buy. Budget 700 - 1000.


18-12-12, 06:38 AM
hi and welcome you have given a very generous budget so you will get a great camera. first question now is what is your photographic knowledge, as getting a high end DSLR is not the right path for everyone.

21-12-12, 09:59 AM
..hello as already posted your budget is generous and so you must have based this upon equipment that you have already seen. However a Canon 600D is worth considering as it will allow you to 'grow' with the camera (and the baby!) develop your skills etc. and also provides a very good video mode. My pennies worth, but good luck. You will also save some cash to spend on the little 'un. Hopefully we will see some results on here in the near future.