View Full Version : Canon 430exii with 7D on full auto mode

22-11-12, 08:56 AM
Hi, I am new to the forum and was wondering if anyone can give me some advice.
I have a canon 7D and am a beginner (kids clubbed together 2 yrs ago and bought me the camera as a surprise xmas gift with some lenses), but i am totally lost and have hardly used the camera due to its complexity preferring the safety of my panasonic compact.. However i have decided to make a real effort and learn the basics and work my way up. My immediate problem is that with the camera i have two lenses (EFS 10-22mm and a EFS 18-200mm) and a 430exii flash gun. I'm off to Italy and want to use the camera but mostly at the moment in auto mode and wanted to know if the flash gun adjusts automatically once connected to the camera or do i need to make some adjustments before fitting it.
Any advice would be great as i would hate to use it for the week and come back with a camera full of useless photos.

23-11-12, 07:34 AM
hi and welcome 7d is a very nice camera and should get someone good pictures for you in full auto mode. the flash will work if its attached so dont worry. to get better results with the flash i would set it to P mode change the ISO to 400 and that may work better.

the problem with full auto mode is you dont have much control so i would try and get some practise in P mode one big difference in P mode you can choose the focus point and iw ould use the centre one then recompose while holding down the shutter release half way.

i would take just one lens and that the 18-200 it will cover most things. set the camera to the highest jpeg setting to get the best results, you worry about RAW latter.
BUT now shoot lots of pictures its the only way to really learn you can see your settings with the exif data. so load the canon software on to your computer have a good trip

23-11-12, 08:40 AM
Thanks a lot for the advice. I'll give it go and see what the resluts are like. I'm taking my compact anyway so will get plenty from both, but i really want and need to learn more about the 7D so i'm going to evening classes next year.