View Full Version : DSLR Replacement for mountain Landscapes

07-11-12, 09:01 PM
Hi, I am in the market for a good semi pro compact camera to replace my DSLR for my mountain adventures. I mainly shoot landscapes and am fed up with the bulk of my DSLR and lenses, especially during winter months when I also have to carry additional equipment and clothing.

I have always had Canon cameras and have never had problems and am therefore familiar with their operation.

I have narrowed down my search to either Canon G15 or G1x, but also considering Sony RX100 or Panasonic LX7 or Fuji X10.

I have spent hours looking at reviews of each and have got nowhere :confused:.

I need RAW, not too small and delicate, video would be nice

Large Sensor, Fast lens etc etc... Whats best for me?

Can someone please help with my selection based on I would mainly be shooting landscapes.

Many thanks in advance

09-11-12, 10:54 AM
Earlier this year I bought a Pentax K-5 out of an annual bonus at work. It is a lovely camera - but as I soon found out, too heavy to carry around on long hikes or for holidays when travelling light.

My existing camera was a Panasonic LX-3 - but the K-5 is so much better I decided that I wanted something closer in terms of quality but still small and light. After much, much research (and heart searching about the expense) I purchased a Panasonice GF5 with the 14-42 X lens. Having just taken 500+ pictures with it whilst on holiday recently, I have no regrets. I find the quality of the pictures quite amazing - and not just for such a tiny camera - definitely a lot, lot closer to the K-5 than the LX-3. I like the 4:3 format too and imagine for mountain landscapes this would work really well. ISO performance is brilliant - 1600 iso is more than just ok - and it is very nice to hold and the touch screen interface (which I was worried about) is just fine.

I also seriously considered the LX-7. But the GF5 isn't actually that much more expensive or largers with advantages beyond the picture quality - e.g. interchangable lenses. I have also splashed out on the 45-175 power zoom, again with no regrets.