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31-10-12, 04:51 PM
Hi all, budget of 500 to spend on a new camera so need some advice if possible. It's mainly for either internal shots of a ski chalet where a wide angle is necessary and image quality is more important than loads of functionality. Low light performance is pretty critical. It will also be used for landscape photography so a wide angle / panoramic option would be ideal.

Happy to go down the DSLR or CSC route and have no specific brand loyalties to worry about. Canon EOS1100D, Nikon D3100, Nikon J1 or J2 (does it really have a 10mm lens??), Panasonic LumixG3 looked a possible short-list?

I'm a beginner level photographer so not too interested in loads of extra bells & whistles!

Any help & advice really appreciated


01-11-12, 06:51 AM
Hi and welcome you should get a camera for your budget. for low light you will need a larger sensor so I would look at DSLR or CSC. now the rest is up to you, as beginner you will improve so dont just get an entry level camera you will out grow it. so look at 600d 6500d d3200 d7000 from canon and nikon.
Remember when you buy a DSLR you buy into a system so make sure that system fits your needs. get a short list go and try them dont settle for i will get used to it. if it feels right then its a long way to being right

01-11-12, 01:50 PM
Thanks for that advice Wave, the D7000 may be a bit over my budget but will take the advice & look at the others, the 3200 and 600D look a good starting point. Some camera's are advertising lenses down to 10mm and even the two listed have 18mm lenses. These seem really wide-angle so suggest I wouldn't need to buy a separate wide-angle lens, is that right?

Chris Cool
01-11-12, 02:21 PM
Hi, because the sensors are not the same size as film, you need to multiply each lens by 1.6 for the Canon and 1.5 for the Nikon.

Read about it here (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/techniques/camera-skills/mastering-your-camera/445465/focal-length-explained-focal-length-equivalents.html)

01-11-12, 02:29 PM
Ah-ha. Top tip thanks Chris. thought it was too good to be true. So equally the Panasonic G3 that shoots in 4:3 ratio needs multipying x2 so it's 14mm lens is a 28mm equivalent. Every day's a School day.....

07-11-12, 04:20 PM
Hi Chalet365,

I'm in a similar position, need to take interior shots, low lighting sometimes. Which camera and lense did you go for in the end?


07-11-12, 05:13 PM
Hi Tia,

I went for the Nikon D5100 eventually as it is supposed to be very good in low light, good resolution etc. But it could equally have been a Canon / Pentax. I've got the 18mm - 105mm lens as an 'all rounder' but have a friend who has a cracking Sigma 8-16mm lens which we will use for our internal shots.

It's just arrived today so can't comment on it's pictures yet.....by the way, they don't come with a camera case or even a memory card(!!) so add those on to make a package when you eventually buy one.

Good luck.

08-11-12, 01:15 PM
Hello again.

Thanks for the advice. How are you getting on with the D5100? It's quite reasonably priced, so am looking at it too. Have also had a alook at the sigma 8-16mm (not cheap) but does it fit on the D5100? it seems to be made for APS-C size image sensors, which means nothing to me. However, I can't find any info on the D5100 if it is the correct sensor? Anybody else with any advice?

Many thanks


Chris Cool
08-11-12, 01:21 PM
The D5100 has the APS-C size image sensor.

Read about it here (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/nikon_d5100_review/) plus the specs.

APS-C sensor explained (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/techniques/camera-skills/mastering-your-camera/445465/focal-length-explained-focal-length-equivalents.html)

08-11-12, 01:37 PM
Thanks Chris. Seems like a good buy for what i need. Mostly interior (sometimes darkish) plus a few exterior shots. Some good reviews of the sigma 8-16mm lens paired with the D5100.

Chris Cool
08-11-12, 01:39 PM
You won't go far wrong with that set-up!