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25-10-12, 09:25 PM

Iv'e been shootig in the raw format since May, i edit my raw files in PHOTOSHOP LIGHTROOM. When iv'e finished in this program i export my photos to PHOTOSHOP CS3 to tweak them. I always save as aTIFF, and my last edit is to DODGE & BURN where necccessary.
I them merge the DODGE & BURN layer with BACKGROUND layer. My problems now start when i try to convert the finished TIFF to a JPEG, can anyone please help.

Kind Regards

26-10-12, 06:29 AM
there should be a sharpen layer and then merge the layers and then save as a jpeg. hope this helps

26-10-12, 11:27 AM
Hi Gary
After you have done your editing, sharpening is always a good idea either using the unsharp filter or the high pass filter and should be done last.
Go save as- then rename the photo in file name box- then in the format box click it and scroll to jpeg
you will now have two photos then 1 tiff the other jpeg. Hope this helps ... Graham

26-10-12, 05:57 PM
Hi Graham & Wave,

Many thanks for the advice, just came back from the Brecon Beacons where iv'e been taking some Waterfall shots, will use your tips when i edit these photos.

Kind Regards