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16-10-12, 10:27 AM
Using my 'old faithful' Pentax SLR*istD for many years, carrying around the weighty camera and all the associated lenses and paraphanalia has become a bit of a chore. Consequently I have just invested in the new Pentax X-5 - this being almost half the weight of my SLR, but still having an electronic viewfinder rather than having to simply rely on a display as with most smaller compacts.

My initial thoughts were, yes it is lighter, no where as small as a compact, but then I find compacts too small to handle easily. Still, the Pentax X-5 feels comfortable in the hand and the buttons are easy to find and use. The display screen is good and tilts in several positions and will make it ideal to use when trying to get photos over crowds or in my case will avoid the usual neckache that results by holding it out in front of you as with most small compacts.

The smile detector works well and will certainly be an advantage when taking photos of the family.

That's about as far as the positives go for now. Sadly, the viewfinder offers a coarse view and the colours are not not true to life with what you see through the display.

The camera overexposes in dull conditions.

The battery cover is flimsy and has to be closed carefully each time.

I am not a professional, but a keen amateur phtographer. I have yet to use more of the features but feel for now, Pentax haven't quite got this bridging camera right.

24-09-13, 08:59 AM
thx for your review but personaly i dont like Pentax X-5