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14-10-12, 08:23 PM
Do I or should I use a lens petal when using a polarizing filter?

Many thanks.

15-10-12, 08:45 AM
iassume you mean a lens hood i use one most of th time. a polariser works best when the sun is at 90 degrees to the lens

15-10-12, 08:41 PM
Thanks for the reply wave, I too use a lens hood but have just bought a polerizing filter and didn't know if I should be using them both together. Would this cut the available light down so the ISO would be bumped up and the picture quality down?

Sorry but I am still learning about all this stuff. Photography does seem like a bit of a balancing act with ISO shutter speed aperture and exposure :-)


16-10-12, 06:43 AM
hi you are right it is a balancing act so you have to look at what you are taking a polariser can drop the light by 1 or 2 stops,you also have to be careful with the lenses that rotate to focus as that will alter the amount of the polariser.

16-10-12, 04:41 PM
Wave's comments are spot on. Personally I would consider why you are using both type of accessory. The lens hood protects the lens from the effects of glare of direct, intense light sources, such as the sun which can cause lens flare (unless of course you want lens flare as a creative element to your picture). The polarising filter is a selective filter in that it filters out light on a specific plane. As Wave says, this is most effective on light waves at 90 degrees to the plane of the polariser. The filter can intensify the saturation of colours, some more noticeably than others, and also reduce the effect of reflections from non-metallic surfaces such as water. A really great subject to see the effects of a circular polariser is a rainbow. Look through the viewfinder, focus on the rainbow, and then rotate the polarising filter ring and you'll see the colours saturate and then fade and back again. As wave points out, some lenses rotate during focusing, which changes the plane of the polariser, which in turn alters its effect. So, in answer to your question - yes, use both together if you like, just bear in mind that with the hood in place it may be more difficult to access the adjustment ring of the polarising filter to get the effect you want from it, so you may need to remove the hood, focus, adjust the polarising filter, replace the hood and then take your shot.