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08-10-12, 01:28 PM
I am looking to replace the Olympus MJU 500 digital camera I recently lost. I use it for my work, I am a building surveyor/contracts manager for a general building contractor so I take lots of photos of the exterior and interior of buildings.

I only need something simple as I only really used one setting on my previous camera although I did use the zoom function a fair bit and often I had to override the flash function but thats about all I did with it . The MJU 500 also had quite a big viewing screen which was handy. However, I know that it didnt bounce very well as I dropped it regularily, so something a bit tougher would be good.

I usually take a lot of photos which then get uploaded to my PC. The MJU 500 was only 5.0 mega pixels. A few more pixels would be helpful but not too many if this is likely to quickly fill space on my PC???

My budget is 150.


Chris Cool
08-10-12, 06:54 PM
Hi and welcome.

Have a look at a refurbished camera from Canon Clicky (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Canon-PowerShot-SX130-Digital-Camera-Refurbished-/290776564479?pt=UK_CamerasPhoto_DigitalCameras_Dig italCameras_JN&hash=item43b3a242ff)

If you are looking for a few extra controls, some extra zoom and impressive picture quality you will find the Powershot SX130 IS hard to beat at this price point.

Manufacturer refurbished: An item that has been professionally restored to working order by a manufacturer-approved vendor.
Review here (http://www.cameras.co.uk/reviews/canon-powershot-sx130-is.cfm)

I always carry a table top tripod (http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Jessop-Metal-Table-Top-Camera-Tripod-For-Photography-Adjustable-Mount-/261093053727?pt=UK_Tripods_Monopods&hash=item3cca5bd51f)for resting on walls, seats, pavements etc. together with the 2/10 second timer.

Although the camera has some manual controls, you can leave it on Auto all the time. Still, handy to have if you need to take something in difficult lighting. The zoom could come in handy too if you wanted to take close ups of details higher up.

Post processing is just as important, so look in my signature for help - check out the Levels video tutorial first (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/Videoes/06_Levels/06_Levels.html). It can make or break an image.