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30-09-12, 04:29 PM
I have recently bought a D90 and am very happy with it. However, there is one function that I cannot get it to do. It must be possible in such a sophisticated camera but I am baffled by the manuals (pathetic, I know!)

Very simply, I would like occasionally to use only the centre focus point. There must be a way to select this, but I cannot see it. HELP!!

It also occurs to me that it ought to be possible to set the Fn button to select this as a shortcut - is this possible?

Many thanks in advance for the answer to this one.

30-09-12, 04:59 PM
The easiest way to only use the center focus point is to set your focus selector switch to L. Page 197 of your manual will explain how to adjust the FN button. Hope this helps ... Graham