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13-09-12, 08:45 PM
Hi, im looking to buy my first bridge camera and im not sure which is the best one to get, i've been looking at different review sites and im a little confused by all the cameras out there, there are a few that im considering the fuji s4500, fuji sl300, fuji hs30 exr or the nikon p510, of these which would you recomend for my first bridge camera, i would be greatfull for any advice

Thanks :)

14-09-12, 09:58 AM
hi and welcome can you tell us what do you take pictures of

Chris Cool
14-09-12, 10:01 AM
Hi and welcome.

My choice is the Fujifilm FinePix HS30EXR for the following reasons.

It has a 3-inch tilting 460k-dot LCD monitor, 920k-dot electronic viewfinder with eye-sensor for automatic switching between viewfinder and LCD which is essential IMO, as you don't want to keep pressing a button to switch. The EVF is one of the best due to its 920k-dot screen. The LCD is tilting which allows for waist level shooting/ pavement shots and overhead shots can be achieved by turning the camera upside down and using the timer. I have in the past put my cameras on monopods and stuck them in the air, over the top of buildings and bridges for some unusual shots.

Good review here CLICKY (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/fujifilm_finepix_hs30exr_review/)

See other peoples images taken with this camera CLICKY (http://www.flickr.com/search/?q=Fujifilm+FinePix+HS30EXR&f=hp)

The ISO (old film speed) should be kept to no more than 400. For small images for the web you can go to 800 ISO but they could be noisy. Preferably shoot at 100 where possible for best results in good light. There is quite a bit to learn with this camera, so take your time and you will enjoy it.

I don't know what your experience is with photography, but if you want some basic tutorials, let me know.



14-09-12, 03:20 PM
I like to take pictures of my family, my nephews in particular, landscapes and animals, my experience is limited to point an shoot cameras, so i would be very gratefull for some basic tutorials when i get my camera as im going to cuba in november for a wedding a i would like to be able to take some good photos of that an of the landscapes.

Chris Cool
14-09-12, 04:13 PM
Okey dokey here goes ;)

Beginners DSLR, CSC, Bridge or Compact tutorial to get you on the right track!
Just got a new DSLR, CSC, Bridge or compact? Then take a look at Canons basic tutorials and learn how to use your camera.
This applies to all makes of camera, but you can skip to part 2 when you've seen enough.

In Part 2 you will learn how to get the most out of your photography and find out about ISO, Exposure, Depth of Field, Aperture priority, Shutter priority etc in picture form
Click for tutorial (http://web.canon.jp/imaging/enjoydslr/index.html)

When you've mastered the basics CLICKY (http://www.photoxels.com/digital-photography-tutorials.html)

Take a look at some Photography Ideas and Compositions CLICKY (http://ronbigelow.com/articles/articles.htm)

And don't forget. Post processing is an important part of photography and should be used to sharpen and enhance pictures taken with your camera. If you don't have an imaging editor, then use the one in my signature below. There are 32 video tutorials-Clicky (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/) to get you started. The most useful is the Adjusting levels-Clicky (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/Videoes/06_Levels/06_Levels.html) and for even more adjustment. The Curves tool-Clicky (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/Videoes/07_Curves/07_Curves.html) is a must (it's my favourite all-in-one adjuster). My Resize-Crop-Sharpen tutorial below, will get your pics ready for the internet or whatever :cool:

Should keep you going for a while :)



14-09-12, 04:49 PM
Ok thanks it will deffinatly keep me busy for a while :)

26-09-12, 03:57 PM
yeah, i think so, my experience is limited to point an shoot cameras, so i would be very gratefull for some basic tutorials, good idea. http://www.okhealthy.com/image/56.jpg :)