View Full Version : HS30EXR Flasgun

Big Al
30-08-12, 10:17 AM
Hi folks,
I have recently replace my Fuji S200EXR, which was stolen, with a Fuji HS30EXR. My question is can I use a Besel 328AF flashgun that I bought for the S200 with the HS30. I have read the review for the HS30EXR but it didn't mention flashguns.

Nigel Atherton
02-09-12, 10:44 PM
I'd never heard of Besel and had to look it up, so can't say for sure, but if it worked with your previous Fuji then it will almost certainly work with your HX20. The main risk with flashguns is older pre-digital models with high trigger voltages that can damage the camera, but if your Besel was one of these it would have damaged your previous camera.