View Full Version : flash for hgh speed shots

28-08-12, 10:23 PM
Evening all
I知 just starting to tinker in high speed photography and need a flash or two. I知 using a microcontroller to trigger the flash(s). I would also like to use it for general use out and about. I will prob have to rule the canon ones out but have been looking at the nissin di866mk2, metz 58AF2 and the yongnuo yn-565ex. I知 not sure which one is best to go for. Also the ability to trigger it off camera would be nice, I have the canon 550 so cant use it to trigger. Some of the above mention master/slave but im not sure what my best route would be. Am a better going for ones with RF for remote over IR and can the ones that are masters trigger other flashes? I hope that all makes some sense.


29-08-12, 11:54 AM
hi if i remember this right then hi speed sync is a function of the flash so you would have to see that the flash you wanted supported it. you can also get a wireless trigger set for the 550d