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Dicky Ticker
24-08-12, 10:21 AM
After the Birdfair I am seriously looking at getting a Canon 7D but if I do get one do you recommend a battery grip, and if so which one? Do they make much difference? I notice the screen on the back of my old 40D always seems dimly lit and poor quality, not sharp at all, would a 7D & battery grip impove this? I was looking at someone with a Nikon D700 of something the other day and his screen was so much brighter and bang on sharp, it made mine embarrassing. Will i notice much improvement on my 40D with a 7D with this? :mad ::(

Blitz Photography & Prod
24-08-12, 11:43 AM
hi Dicky

i have three Canon Body's and for each one i brought Battery Grip's for them
for me it makes holding the DSLR feel more like a DSLR plus gives you that extra grip and better to take portrait shots
As for making your screen brighter that as nothing to do with the Battery Grip but the 7D will be much better than your older 40D and much more brighter its a better spec DSLR only have to read the reviews to see that :)

All the best


25-08-12, 09:02 PM
7D has a much higher res screen, meaning its brighter and sharper :)

26-08-12, 07:50 AM
I use a grip with 550d I got it for an extra battery but the deal I got was the grip 2 batteries and a cable release for less than a canon battery. I love the grip and can't find any thingies wrong with quality of the product. The only thing I would say is tha the 7d is a bigger camera.