View Full Version : E series lens and d5100

17-08-12, 08:12 PM
hello everybody,
I just purchased the Nikon D5100. My choice for this fine camera was based on the great reviews, my old collection of Series E lenses and recent drop in price on the D5100. I did my homework knowing that the lenses were compatible with this DX camera, the only issue being manual focus only.
I bought the camera with the 18-55mm kit lens as well as the 35mm1.8g. Both work flawlessly with this camera. My question is when I install either the 50mm or the 100mm E Series lens, the camera tells me their is no len attached. Live veiw and view finder show no images. What am I doing wrong. Thanking everyone for your comments in advance

18-08-12, 10:14 AM
they do seem compatible look for some sort of contacts and try cleaning them on the e lens then try again

18-08-12, 08:03 PM
Hi I have an old E seris lens that i use with my D5000 , If you put it in manual mode it will work... graham

19-08-12, 09:31 AM
I just looked at my E series 70-200. The reason it is saying no lens attached its because it doesn't have any contacts... Graham