View Full Version : Dust or defect? (brand new canon 60D)

22-07-12, 07:31 PM

Dust or Defect on my sensor?

Just (24 hours ago) picked up a brand new Canon 60D. If filming HD vid at 25 or 25 fps in 1920x1080 there appears to be a red pixel or 2. When upload to my mac this red pixel is still there, so I'm ruling out a fault on the body's LCD screen. Also present if taking Raw image, not present on jpeg.

I'm only noticing this when filming/snapping with the lens cap on to achive the black background on which to check for such a small imperfection, i.e. take a normal pic or video and there's too much going on to pick this out.

In brief, it's only there with the highest resolution settings, is this significant?

Regards, James

Blitz Photography & Prod
23-07-12, 02:30 AM

sounds like you might have whats called a dead pixel just take it back they should change it for you some times you get it with pc screens

all the best
Blitz ;)

23-07-12, 07:07 AM
a couple of quick things to check look for dust on the lens get a micro fibre cloth and just wipe it if that doesnt work get a puffer brush and get the mirror locked up and then blow the sensor if that doesnt work then take it back