View Full Version : Image size of images uploaded to gallery

20-07-12, 02:41 PM

It may answered somewhere already but couldn't find it so here goes. The FAQ/Guideleines clearly state that images should be no bigger than 800px and below 200kb in size. However, several are beyond this.

So, when entering competitions (like the Fuji one) should I keep to under 800px and 200kb or upload full-size? Its relevant as larger images have more impact and so I may be at a disadvantage uploading within the limits recommended.

What is the official policy as I wouldn't want a potential winner being deleted as it was too big!


23-07-12, 03:53 PM

We did set the limits to stop our servers filling up, but in practice we have never policed it. I believe the system was meant to not allow images above this file size to be added, but it doesn't seem to be restricting images. You won't be penalised for adding a larger image (if you are able to).

I believe you do have a max amount of space on your account, though, so if you add lots of large images, you'll soon run out of space.

24-07-12, 09:44 PM
i just hit that exact issue. i cant upload to the competition. maybe i'll just make them all 800px and see if it lets them through.


06-09-12, 01:32 PM
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