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08-07-12, 02:41 PM
My wife wants a compact camera but has trouble with the lcd scrreen can you still buy a compact digital camera with a viewfinder or will she have yo have a bridge type

Chris Cool
08-07-12, 05:43 PM
There are quite a few compacts that have a viewfinder of sorts. They are not accurate enough for critical work, but OK for when you can't see the LCD screen properly.

What is your budget and basic requirements?

.IE. Point n shoot - manual control - small or large zoom etc.

As an example, the Canon A1200 (http://www.cameras.co.uk/reviews/canon-powershot-a1200.cfm) is a bargain point n shoot for under 50



09-07-12, 05:30 PM
Had a look at the Canon, seems ideal; thanks