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02-06-12, 12:40 PM
My previous 2 cameras have been canon Ixus and as much as I have loved using them I feel let down by shots at night and events like concerts so am looking for a change. As much as I would love a DSLR I think I'd get more use out of a more compact camera that I can put in my bag. Any suggestions?

Chris Cool
03-06-12, 07:35 PM
Hi and welcome.

Night time and concert shooting with a small sensor compact is not easy. The small sensor needs plenty of light to work.

You have to use workarounds. For low light, I use a pocket tripod and the 2 second timer. I use pillars, lamp posts, walls, bars, seats etc. to rest on or against.

With concert. Get as close to the front as possible. Set ISO to 800 max. Use no zoom (blow up pic later). Use 2 second timer (so you don't get a jerk as you press shutter) and hold steady.

Using the zoom decreases the light reaching the sensor, so shutter speeds drop. Slow shutter speeds cause blurring. Hence the use of the 2 second timer to give you chance to remain steady when you take the picture.

The Panasonic LX5 has a slightly larger sensor and faster F2 glass (as do the others below) that would help in low light. It has now been reduced to a reasonable price Click for review and price (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/panasonic_lumix_dmc_lx5_review/)

Or the canon Powershot S95 (also reduced in price) if you want to stick with Canon Click for review and price (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/canon_powershot_s95_review/)

Or the latest Canon PowerShot S100 Click for review and price (http://www.photographyblog.com/reviews/canon_powershot_s100_review/)

Anything is possible with practise ;)

And don't forget. Post processing is an important part of photography and should be used to sharpen and enhance pictures taken with any camera. If you don't have an imaging editor, then use the one in my signature below. There are 32 video tutorials to get you started. The most useful is the Adjusting levels (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/Videoes/06_Levels/06_Levels.html) and for even more adjustment. The Curves tool (http://ictpublish.com/pixlr/Videoes/07_Curves/07_Curves.html) is a must (it's my favourite all-in-one adjuster). My Resize-Crop-Sharpen tutorial below, will get your pics ready for the internet or whatever :cool:



05-06-12, 07:47 AM
Hi Chris
Thanks for your help I'll definitely be trying out those tips!!