View Full Version : Just bought an Olympus EVOLT E-400

01-06-12, 03:48 PM
Hello expert camera peeps....

I know zip about Digital SLR cameras but wanted to purchase one for the sake of my new born baby girl!

Knowing nothing and being somewhat impulsive I purchased a 6 year old Olympus EVOLT E-400 Body (10mp) for the princley sum of 65 via eBay... Knowing even less than nothing about lenses I purchased an Olympus Digital 14-42mm f/3.5-5.6 ED Zoom Lens 4/3rds (means nothing to me) for 65 as well as it sounded like it was the right lens and the chap said it would be fine!

Just wondered if my impulsivness was way off the mark as they have yet to arrive, is this a good camera for close shots of a baby?

Be gentle...

Chris Cool
01-06-12, 04:49 PM
Hi and welcome.

It's not the camera that counts but the person behind it!

I suggest you look at Canons basic tutorials CLICKY (http://web.canon.jp/imaging/enjoydslr/index.html) (in picture format) and learn how to use your DSLR. In Part 2, find out about ISO, Exposure, Depth of Field, Aperture priority, Shutter priority etc. – this applies to ALL makes of camera.

Your lenses have a Focal length Multiplier of 2x Clicky (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/techniques/camera-skills/mastering-your-camera/445465/focal-length-explained-focal-length-equivalents.html) as your sensor is 4/3rds (see green outline marked 4/3rds)

If that's all too much. Stick it back on ebay and get the Canon Powershot A112 for 49 Clicky (http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/canon-powershot-a1200-compact-digital-camera-black-09609830-pdt.html). Far easier to use lol

Lots more help here CLICKY (http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/forums/showthread.php?t=3067)