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22-05-12, 01:45 PM
Hello all.

I am no photography enthusiast, I bought a simple point & shoot camera (just so that I have one available) a few years ago - Fujfilm Finepix J100.

It has sat on shelf (in a case) and done next to nothing (I'd be surprised if it had taken 50 photos) so I gave it to my daughter because she was becoming interested in it.

It has since developed a vertical line in whatever it captures. The evidence is noticable on the preview screen on the rear of the camera. Loks like it's just one pixel wide, perfectly straight and always in the same place.

In high ligtht conditions it is much less noticable and the line will be slightly darker that it's surroundings. In low light conditions it is red and very noticeable. It appears on the image as well as the view finder, (although I've not noticed it when lining up the shot).

I realise this is a dated cheap unit but my daughter likes using it, so can anyone advise if this is a bin job, or could it be a firmware problem?


22-05-12, 03:44 PM
hi does it appear if you down load it and view it on a pc

22-05-12, 03:45 PM
Yes, I'm afriad it does.

Chris Cool
22-05-12, 07:29 PM
Oh dear!

Sounds like a bin job.

Still, all is not lost as there is a super Canon offer here (http://www.currys.co.uk/gbuk/canon-powershot-a1200-compact-digital-camera-black-09609830-pdt.html?srcid=3&cmpid=comp~Pricerunner~Cameras~09609830) that's been reduced.

Review verdict here (http://www.cameralabs.com/reviews/Canon_PowerShot_A1200/verdict.shtml)


22-05-12, 08:07 PM
I had a similar problem a while ago with an old point and shoot camera and the camera shop told me it was dead pixels,It finished up in the bin... Graham

23-05-12, 07:08 AM
looks like a sensor prob but as chris says there are some good deal around