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20-05-12, 11:50 AM
Hi guys,
I just wondered if someone can help me with a problem i have. I purchased a samsung WB700 and ive taken it to 2 concerts. I've got back home and played back and there is a hiss and the sound sounds awful and distorted. I've switched it on both sound alive and sound alive off and it makes no difference. So I just wondered is there a setting of the camera to fix this? Or is it just that I brought a faulty product?
Thanks in advance!!!

30-08-12, 07:06 PM
Before you make the plunge, read some reviews and take suggestions from the forum. Don't aim too low when choosing a camera. I've never heard anyone complaining that the camera they bought is too good.

Don't rule out used and refurbished cameras from dealers and manufacturers.

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Is this really an answer to the question?