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17-05-12, 01:00 PM
Hello there
I used to be interested in photography at university , i graduated from visual communication design department and got plenty of photography courses.

I have just decided to front to photography as my profession.I used digital rebel ( 350d ) and mainly eos 3 analog.I sold my digital rebel long time ago.

Im planning to buy eos 60d , 1100d or nikond700. I have sigma 28-70 EF-s and sigma 70-200 EF-s )all are canon mount ) used for eos 3 and 350d. Can I use these 2 lenses on eos 60d or 1100 d ? If not Im planning to buy nikon as a new camera and nikon mount lenses of sigma.Digital rebel was 8mp and i doubt their performance on full frame cameras.

17-05-12, 02:43 PM
any ef lens will fit a canon camera but efs is designed to fit aps-c cameras like the rebels, xxd and 7d

Nigel Atherton
17-05-12, 10:50 PM
They would all work on the 60D and 1100D. Can I ask why you've chosen these seemingly random cameras? They're very different. And what's wrong with the 600D, for example? Why just the Nikon D700? if you like that why not Canon's own version, the EOS 5D Mk.II? Or lower down the scale, the Nikon D7000?

Ian Powell
17-05-12, 11:54 PM
YES. Your lenses will fit the 550d, 600d... (cropped sensor EF-s)
They will not fit onto the 5d or 1d range.. (Full frame EF)
This is because they are designed for a cropped sensor.

You can switch to Nikon, I had the choice, but stuck with Canon.

My first dslr camera was a 350d, great camera of the day.
I moved onto the 550d which was a massive improvement.

My only question, as a photographer is what are you going to be taking images of..

I would suggest on a budget the 600d or 60d if you can spend a little more.

Without a doubt go for the 7d as it's build quailty os pro..


18-05-12, 08:12 AM
as there is rumour that 2 cameras are going to announced by canon this summer possibly the 650d i would keep a close eye on prices of the 600d and 550d they will drop

Ian Powell
18-05-12, 08:58 AM
The price of the 550d I bought 2 years ago,, has only gone down by 100 quid,,
With inflation,, electronics are only now getting more expensive.. ;)