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02-05-12, 04:30 PM
Dear All,
This has probably been dealt with elsewhere but what limitations are there with regards to publishing/posting images to sites such as these with identifiable persons shown on the image?

02-05-12, 05:54 PM
IANAL, but if it was taken in a public place (in England) then there is no legal comeback, per se.

However, if the image is published (online or in print) alongside comment or editorial that defames, libels, or otherwise indicates anything personal and unlawful/unsavoury, then the juxtaposition of the image and the text could be problematic, even a mere hint or suggestion is enough.

Images posted for artistic purposes, exhibition, and/or critique wouldn't ordinarily cause such issues.

Submitting images for editorial use or to image libraries is a different kettle of haddock.

03-05-12, 02:45 PM
..many thanks, very helpful

06-06-12, 10:20 AM
It means we cannot post our photos legally.

06-06-12, 10:38 AM
It means we cannot post our photos legally.

Does it, why is that?

03-07-12, 07:27 AM
from what i understand you can take a picture of anything if you are in a public place. if confronted then be polite but stand your ground. look at this

23-07-12, 02:20 AM
To cover your butt, the best thing to do is get a signed model release from any identifiable person in a photo. This probably won't be necessary if you're just posting a snap on Facebook without any commentary, but if you use your pics commercially at all, get the release to be safe.

06-09-12, 01:33 PM
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