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25-04-12, 08:35 PM

I want to upload and store/back up the vast majority of my digital photos to help free up space on my laptop.

I'm thinking the best (and least expensive) way to do this is to put them online.

Most of my pix are from a compact and are only about 2592x1944 jpegs.

Just want to know if anyone has any comments or suggestions on this? What to use, what to avoid, why etc etc. I'm thinking of using Flickr simply as it is the most well known to me.

I have previously used Photobucket in the distant past but that was only so I could link images to a social network site.

I'm looking to actually use the upload website as my own personal storage space and don't really plan to share and suchlike.

Any advice/comments appreciated. Thanks. David.

edit: another thought or something to consider - file size upload limitations and also how much I can upload before I have to pay or 'upgrade' my account...

25-04-12, 09:09 PM
Hi David
Welcome to the forum. I use Nikon picture town. They have 2 account types a free one up to 200 photos, not much use to any one, or a gold account, ,with this you can store 2000 photos at a cost of 2.99 a month. If you go over the 2000 they charge you extra I don't know how much as I'm not over the 2000 mark. Hope this helps ... Graham

Blitz Photography & Prod
26-04-12, 03:20 AM
hi david

i have used flickr for some years now i can't remember how many images you can up load before you have to pay but what i like about it is that what ever size up to 20meg files you up load you can down load back to your pc if need to at the same high res you up loaded them as and you dont have to share them with any one if you dont wish to so only you see you images that you up load

hope this is some help to you all the best

Russ :)

26-04-12, 10:06 AM
hi if i was you i would go out and get a 500gig external hard drive they are under 50 now, job done

26-04-12, 11:02 AM
Thanks for the comments and advice so far.

Regards Flickr, any ideas what the limit is before payment etc required? Also is it a one off payment or monthly? etc.

wave, I had previously considered getting an external hard drives but never got round to it, one of those things I also planned to do but never did. Can you recommend any decent 'plug and play' ones? Link to site etc.

Thing I like about using something like Flickr is that not only is it a back-up but I am also able to view or show my photos anywhere there is an internet connection...

26-04-12, 02:02 PM
if you look at pc world they are doing an iomega one there very cheap

Blitz Photography & Prod
26-04-12, 03:01 PM
hi dave

Flickr is a one off payment for 12months and in that year you can up load as many images as you like put them in groups or folder's name the folder's you have total control of how you want your photos

having them on a hardrive is a good idea but being able to show the world you images is a lot better if you choose to do so :)

Russ ;)

26-04-12, 05:42 PM
I have 2 1 tb external hard drives they are relatively cheap to buy you can pick them up for about 50... Graham

26-04-12, 08:56 PM
Hi Dave
Flickr charge just under 25 a year... Graham

26-04-12, 10:12 PM
Hmm...all very interesting, thanks. Think I will try Flickr, see how far I can get before payment required (I'm not a skin flint, just a little broke at the mo...and would like to invest in a zoom lens too...money money money).

Will also take a gander at external harddrives...would you say that a 500gig would be sufficient or would I find I would use that memory up quite quickly...I guess I need to check my 'photos' folder size on my laptop tbh...

Just some more food for thought, I've often considered buying a wad of CD's and putting each photo set onto a CD, labeling CD's then filing them away. Another option??


26-04-12, 10:16 PM
Just checked, looking at about 6.5 gig worth of photos...so 500gig should be plenty lol

Sounds stupid but I assume, as with all these things, there is always a risk of the external hard drive failing?

In an ideal world I guess I should do external back up and also upload onto Flickr...belt and braces.

05-06-12, 02:26 PM
Free use of Flickr is quite limited, approx 50 images depending upon size, then Pro membership kicks in at about 20.00 for the year..

21-06-12, 11:13 PM
Just some more food for thought, I've often considered buying a wad of CD's and putting each photo set onto a CD, labeling CD's then filing them away. Another option??


if you opt to use CDs, you need to back them up every now and then. They tend to get worn out and scratched, possibly risking inaccessibility to your saved photos later on.

I would say a Flickr storage account (or a Dropbox account) would be worth trying. At least you will have easy access to them when you need to upload some pics online.

I am leaning more towards the external hard drive solution. As long as you have it secured from antivirus, you would not have much of a problem with it as your storage device.

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