View Full Version : Hello! And some advice on slightly higher-end compacts please... :)

24-04-12, 03:52 AM
First of all, hi everyone! My name's Jay and I'm a Londoner who's been living here in beautiful Southern China for 2 years.
I'm here as a pro-musician and luckily where I live (Shenzhen, China) is right next to Hong Kong, so I have great chances to see some beautiful and interesting sights here, and hopefully take some good shots.

I've always had an interest in cameras and I've always been taking my own crude shots of things, but now I'm going to make a small step into the world of photography-proper.
I came out here with a Fujufilm bridge (ok for 180 about 5 years ago, only 5mp but takes reasonable pictures) and a Samsung PL57 compact (ok for day time, **** at night.)
So now I'm on the scout out for something to actually learn with and hopefully progress into taking better shots.

My main choices are either the Canon Gx1 or the Fuji X10. Both have plus and minus points (Canon takes great pictures but bad macro, Fuji has great macro but not quite as good picture quality) and I'm heading off to Hong Kong in the next week or so to buy something, so could someone point me in the right direction on which to buy? Or should I wait and see what appears over the camera-horizon in the next couple of months?

I'd also be possibly interested in a full DSLR but again, this is an area I have zero current knowledge of. (My last SLR was an Olympus 35mm from about 1995..!)
I like the idea of a good compact, I also looked at the Nikon P7100 and the Canon G12. I could also stretch to a Fuji X100 but I just can't get over the look of the thing! One man's poison and all that...!

Any opinions or suggestions are very greatly appreciated, cheers!

24-04-12, 08:14 AM
hi and welcome i could easily say get a DSLR, but that may not be the best choice and depends how far you want to go with photography. you could get a good high end bridge and still not be satisfied with the results and then it would be onto a DSLR.
i would take my self off to HK and try a few out see how they feel and then try and decide on wher you want to go with your pictures. good luck

25-04-12, 10:52 AM
Thanks for that, and yeah A DSLR could be on the cards but I think I'd rather go for a decent compact.
Are D3100's worth a shot for a DSLR? Cheers! :)

25-04-12, 11:43 AM
the d3200 has now been announced the d3100 is ok but it is entry level and you may quickly out grow it i would look at nikon d5100 d90 or canon 550d 600d

Fred Sagen
28-04-12, 02:05 PM
Hi Jay,

Your choices of the Canon G1X and the Fuji X10 put you into the market for the top scoring compact , the Canon G12.

I considered one for myself but settled on the Nikon P7100 because it had a longer lens and shared the same battery as my Nikon D5100.

Since buying my 'full control freak' compact my DSLRs and lenses have languished in their bags too long as the P7100 is eminently portable (OK, you'll need oversized pockets or cargo pants - or just wear it round your neck under your coat).

While out snapping, I bumped into a guy with a Canon G12 and he, too, only had praise for his compact.

The other advantages of these 'pro-sumer' compacts are that you don't need to commit to a brand as you do with DSLRs, buying a range of lenses and accessories and, with a little patience, you can buy an almost new camera from someone who finds that they have no patience to learn how to use the thing (that's how I got my P7100).

Admittedly, that last point also applies to DSLRs but it seems to me that there are still more people out there with higher expectations of what these compacts can do for their images (or image ;) ) than there are those who have such illusions about DSLRs.

I'd certainly recommend a fully controllable compact as both a learning tool and an everyday companion.

Eventually, you'll be tempted to a DSLR for its versatility and image quality but I'd suggest that you hone your skills, knowledge and experience on one of these compacts before plunging into the money-pit of DSLR ownership and constant lens-lust (I sooo want a Sigma 10-20mm f3.5:o).

29-04-12, 04:10 PM
Wow, thanks for that! Yes I agree with all you've said, it's now just time to narrow it down to either the X10 or the G1x. (..or possibly buy something like a used G11/G12 and then move on to a entry-level DSLR!)

But thankyou very, very much for your advice, it's really very much appreciated. Now to scour the "used" ad's....