View Full Version : pls advise

01-04-12, 10:53 PM
hi guys
newbie here needing some help,
i am no pro with cameras looking to purchase a canon d7 or sony a77.
anyone recently made a choice between them?
any sort of advice would be great.

02-04-12, 07:24 AM
hi and welcome if you give us some idea of what you shoot or are going to shoot then it may help us to give advice, also how you got to these two cameras

02-04-12, 07:32 AM
I'm just going to use it day to day take family pics, i had a canon d450 which broke, guy in jessops tried to sell me canon d7 and Sony a77 I don't have many lenses for canon but I any sure if it's worth making jump

02-04-12, 11:06 AM
if you had a canon i would say stay with it a 7d is a major leap i would save some money and look at 600d or even a 550d. the 7d is a really good camera but if you only want to use its features then the other two are just as good