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victoria plum
01-04-12, 03:51 PM
Hi everyone.

I have joined the forum to get some advice about buying a camera and hope to use the forum as I start using the camera!

I make all kinds of things - gifts and soft furnishings, jewellery and drawings and paintings. I am setting up my own website and I want to be able to get hassle free photographs of my items for the shop and for adorning the website. I previously had a website dedicated to just jewellery and got really good results with the samsung nv3 camera we had at the time. I did buy a little tripod and a light box, but in actual fact I found a great window in the house which gave me great results. I enhanced and cropped on the computer just a little and that worked fine.

My main requirement is ease of use - good results without having to do a lot of work to every photo on the computer. A LOT of editing will take up too much of my time as I need to making things to put on the website too.

We have a budget of MAX 200 but if it could be nearer 100 then all the better. We have a camera which we use as our family camera but the Macro is shocking!

Can anyone recommend a camera with a good macro function and that doesnt need to be flooded with light to get a decent shot.

I would be really grateful for any input.

Thank you

victoria plum
01-04-12, 07:09 PM
I forgot to mention that I'm looking for a compact (ish) camera to buy new