View Full Version : Got my camera!! Now, kit?

24-03-12, 04:07 PM
Hi guys
Well, I got my 600D last night. The poor cat has already had it thrust in his face and I got some fab shots of him. I've already been and tested it in the garden and I LOOOOOOOVE it!

Question is camera stuff that's essential, what do I need?

I've got the kit lens which I'm going to use to get used to the camera and all it's functions. I'm then aiming to get a 50mm and a 55-250mm eventually.

Should I invest in filters, polaroid, UV etc?

I've got a bag and I got a Class 10 16GB card. How many photos could I get on that card? Do I need another one? Think I might need a tripod at some point but not necessarily straight away. What kind of tripod would you recommend? I only intend to use it for landscapes and sunsets occasionally.

I've downloaded Gimp and am going to have a play but is Pixlr better? Really want something I could work on my laptop with if I didn't have an internet connection.

This is so exciting and daunting. I've got so much to learn.
PS Thanks for those tutorials, Chris. They were really interesting.

25-03-12, 12:09 PM
hi glad you have your camera and enjoying it. the 16 gig card should take about 598 RAW images. what you get next depends on what you shoot the two lenses you mention wont break the bank are very good. as i said before it depends on what you shoot an external flash really opens thing up and that would be my next buy. i would also get a spare card memory is cheap at the moment.
the gimp is really good and its free there loads of tutorials on you tube for it too. filters i only have a couple i have a circular polariser and a uv. with filters dont put cheap glass in front of the good lens glass so look at hoya pro1. good luck