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Blitz Photography & Prod
19-03-12, 05:10 PM
Hi all just thought id share this with every one on the forum

Before i even owned a DSLR Camera one of the first things i learned was how to manipulate an image with Adobe Photoshop over time i have done this with quite a few peoples images or as i call it adding a bit of Russy magic to there images

So for a change i thought i would do a image of my self and show people how i do the things i do
here is one of the final images of my self This is a still taken from the video and then animated using Adobe Software http://www.whatdigitalcamera.com/gallery/files/2/9/0/8/pre-comp_2_00173.jpg

The video of all this can be seen here at my Youtube channel hope you all enjoy it


cheers Russ

31-07-12, 10:10 AM
Video is really beautiful. I think you have manipulate the photo very cleanly.