View Full Version : Want to upgrade but without Video

18-03-12, 10:06 AM
Hi, I am looking to upgrade my Nikon d5000 but I want a DSLR with video. I have Nikon glass so don't want to change if I can help it as I love Nikon and the expense would be enormous. But everywhere I look every dam DSLR has video! I never, never use video, I love my photography and have no wish to venture into the filming world. I also resent paying all that money for something I will never use. WHy the industry is not giving us the choice is beyond me as I believe the statistics state that under 30% of people who own a DSLR with video use it. I look at the high spec HD video etc it means nothing to me and I would be paying for it as I did for my first DSLR D5000. I ranted then and I am doing the same now. Why is it that we are being forced down this road? I love digital and the technology, just not video.

Chris Cool
18-03-12, 02:11 PM
Hi, I remember this type of argument many years ago. All the R & D costs have been recovered now so probably doesn't cost a lot per unit to add on.

Best to just get over it and enjoy choosing your new camera :)