View Full Version : Camera for non-flash Dance Recitals / Theatrical Performances?

15-12-09, 12:17 AM
I use to do photography many years ago (with a film camera) and want to get a digital camera that will take high quality photos of my daughter's dance recital, without using flash. Any suggestions under $500? Is there anything good under $300? If there's nothing at these price points, please suggest cameras that are good with non-flash theatrical performances.

15-12-09, 05:43 PM
Are those US dollars? Australian dollars? New Zealnd dollars?

You'd probably have better luck posting on a local forum. UK products and prices will be different to your home market so any advice we can give you may not apply to your country.

Nigel Atherton
17-12-09, 09:10 PM
You don't say what type of camera you want: a digital SLR, bridge type camera or compact? Some more information would be useful.

As a guide though you'll want a camera that produces high quality, low noise images at high ISOs, which you'll need to use for indoor available light shots of moving subjects. A DSLR is many times better in this regard than a compact because the sensor is much larger and more light receptive.
On the other hand, how close can you get to the stage? Do you need a good zoom? This will cost extra on a DSLR.

Lets assume you want a DSLR and you live in the US. A quick look at B&H Photo tells me that the Sony a230 and Olympus E520 are around $430. They're also selling the E520 twin lens kit, which also includes the 40-150 telephoto (ideal for zooming in to the stage from the back of the room), for $498 - just inside your budget. The Sony a230 twin lens kit is $579. Read up on them and try them out in a shop before making a decision.