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18-02-12, 01:19 PM
Planning to replace an old Fuji DSLR, after lots of research I've pretty much decided on a Canon 550D. I'm interested in landscape and macro photography and am planning to get the Sigma 10-20mm lens to go with it. Would love some advice on whether I should get two more lenses to cover general photography and macro or go for a 18-200mm type lens.

19-02-12, 05:04 PM
hi the 550d comes with a 18-55is and its not a bad lens i would steer clear of a one lens for everything. another good lens if you get a body only is the sigma 17-70os great lens and its macro too. you wont be disappointed with the 550d i have one its really good.

21-02-12, 12:53 PM
Thanks for the advice, sounds like it would be a good option as a starting point and from reading the reviews it sounds like a great lense. Looking forward to getting my hands on the 550D!

26-02-12, 11:58 AM
I can second the 17-70, when I owned one a few years back, it focussed amazingly close, super for macro.

Phil Hall
08-03-12, 01:17 PM
Hi EricaJ,

Have you got any existing lenses with your Fuji DSLR? It uses a Nikon lens mount, so you can use them on a Nikon DSLR if you want to continue using them.

29-03-12, 12:25 PM
Hi Phil
My old Fuji is not an interchangable lens camera so I'm starting from scratch to build a system.

30-03-12, 12:06 PM
Hi Erica. If you're starting from scratch then buying the Sigma 10-20mm is a good move especially for people shots, I have the f3.5 version and it's a cracker. I also have an 18-200mm which is a fine lens for most other types of photography and the APSC sensor in my camera means that it equates to a 27-300mm in film terms which gives a really coverage. For birds and wildlife and sport, I use the Sigma 120-400mm and again the sensor dictates that this will be like a 180-600mm, so this is a cracking lens also. For most purposes though, my 18-200mm stays on the camera. All the best to you. Mike.