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25-01-12, 08:48 PM

I am an owner of Canon EOS 350 and 450. Although, I happy with the camera as a whole, I am considering a bridge camera for my travel adventures. I mostly backpack around the world and so getting a bit annoyed with camera body, two lenses and other accessories. I was wondering if there was a bridge camera that would be more suitable and similar (both in weight and not using interchangeable lenses). I take travel shots which encompasses long lens wildlife shots to macro plant portrait shots. I donít want expensive so that it attracts those light fingered people who stay in hostels!
Also, does the bridge camera use screw-on filters?

Any advice, points of view helpful. Or recommendations, but I am generally a Canon user.

25-01-12, 08:57 PM

The Canon SX40 would fit your requirements controls similar to dslr with a 35x zoom lens. Also does take filters. Thats probably one of the best there is also the Fuji HS20 a bit cheaper but with similar performance.



30-01-12, 03:04 PM
Hi, I am an owner of a Panasonic FZ100 Bridge Camera and very pleased with the results, my Panasonic has a filter on it to protect the lens, if you would like to view the quality of the images the camera can produce please take a look at my images in the gallery, hope this helps..Caroline