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Phil Hall
25-01-12, 03:51 PM
Hi everyone,

We're putting together a feature on buying secondhand lenses.

We'd love to hear from you if you've brought a lens secondhand, and your thoughts on it, good or bad.

If you've got a shot you're proud of from a lens you've brought used, it'd be great to see it - it may even get used in the feature if you're happy for us to do so.

You can always email me directly at phil_hall@ipcmedia.com



26-01-12, 07:20 AM
Hi i have never bought a camera or lenses second hand as I always wonder why are people getting rid of them. That said if I did think about it I would go to a good dealer where there would be some warranty with the product.

Blitz Photography & Prod
27-01-12, 11:17 AM
hi phil

like wave i would not buy a 2nd hand body but
back in april 2011 i went looking for a smaller walk about lens at the time i had a few lens
but i wanted some thing smaller then the Tamron 70-300mm

A few months before i had brought some things from a company that had another web site selling 2nd hand gear on there web page they were selling in there Tamron Range for Canon fit a Tamron AF 28-200mm 71DE they had it up for sale at 40 after looking at the newer mode of this lens which retailed at 333.95. I thought ill buy it as i see it people go to football match's or out over a weekend drinking and can spend more then 40 and have nothing to show for there money that's my way of thinking :) any way
The lens came and was as what the web site said in mint condition so that day i took 3 lens my canon 18-55mm kit lens,canon 50mm f1.8 and this Tamron AF 28-200mm in to my garden to do some test shot and i was pleased with the shots taken with this 40 lens here are the shots i took


it was not till later in june i took the lens with my other ones to my annual RAF Airshow at RAF Cosford here in the midlands to really test it out so here are the shots i took in one of the hangers at RAF Cosford using the Tamron AF 28-200mm there are a few at the end of the set which are taken with my Tamron 70 - 300mm

hope this is some help for your feature

russ :)

28-01-12, 05:40 PM
Hi I have 2 used lenses i bought in an Oxfam charity shop in Troon , needless to say i visit a lot more charity shops than i used to .One is a Tamron 28- 70mm which cost 15 the other is a Sigma 24mm super wide costing 8. they even came with uv filters. I have got to say it's the best 23 i ever spent. Once i gave them a good clean i was amazed at the quality of these cheap lenses
I took some photos this morning Jan 28... graham

02-02-12, 07:39 AM
Hi Graham & Russ, great images you have posted! it will be interesting to read Phils feature on second hand lenses, sorry Phil I own a Bridge camera so have not purchased any second hand lenses,all the best..Caroline

Phil Hall
09-02-12, 10:56 AM
Thanks for your responses guys - some interesting thoughts here and nice pics with some very cheap glass!