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21-01-12, 08:38 PM
Hi there - please excuse my ignorance. At the moment, professional photography seems like a mine-field of information and digits. I am looking at upgrading from a point-and-shoot user to a cross-over camera. I have looked into the Nikon J1 but I don't believe it fits my needs. I'm looking for an easy to use, not necessarily DSLR, with an affordable price tag. My main requirement is for taking portraits, and the soft background which apparently requires a good sensor? I'm not too into wide angle or zoom lenses but really like macro shots. I'd like a user friendly camera for under 500, with lots of auto settings, but with the option for manual aperture settings for the soft backgrounds.
As I say I'm only at a point-and-shoot stage at the moment but looking to improve my knowledge with an easy camera to allow for this growth and much better shots. Any ideas?
Thanks, Sokokomo.

23-01-12, 07:50 AM
hi what is your ultimate aim do you want to take pictures for money

Blitz Photography & Prod
24-01-12, 11:15 PM
hi Sokokomo

i dont now about the Nikon J1 model you speak of i can only go on what i own and thats 2 different model's of canon DSLR's the Canon EOS 500D & the 550D both have the settings on to take photo's as you would with a point & shoot camera both have 6 auto settings for different kind of shooting plus there 7 more advanced setting giving you lots of choice to choose from

hope this is some help to you

russ ;)