View Full Version : Recommend me a compact system camera

21-01-12, 06:38 AM

I am looking for a compact system camera to replace my lumux fx55 compact camera. So far I have looked at the Nikon J1, Panasonic DMC-GF3 and the Sony NEX-5N and would appreciate peoples opinions.

The camera should have a good zoom (im aware i can add lenses later, but would rather have something that could cope with most everyday situations) and also be good at taking action stills as I take a lot of pro cycling pictures.

I have around 500 to spend.

I guess i'm leaning towards the Nikon J1 with the twin lens kit, although the reviews I've read about the camera havent been good because of the small sensor size.



25-01-12, 09:07 PM

Of the 3 you have mentioned none of them comes with a lense with much of a zoom you would have to immediately invest in a larger lense. With your price limit of 500 I would go for the older Panasonic g2 which comes with a 14-42mm lense and invest in the 45-200mm zoom but even then you will be looking at spending around 600 unless you can find a great deal out there. The Sony is a very good camera but their cheapest zoom is the 50-210mm and retails at around 300. As for the Nikon they don't even have a decent zoom on the market yet.
Hope that helps