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18-01-12, 02:52 PM
Hello forum

I am looking to get into the wedding photography field but also take portraits during the quiet seasons. I haven’t got a studio so this will be on a ‘visit basis’ weather internall or external.

At the moment I have my eye on the EOS 7d or EOS 60d. So putting aside issues like image quality, noise handling… what camera between the two (7D or 60D) would you recommend in terms of functions and features for the wedding field. I am a newbie so any advice, thoughts, views are really appreciated. Many thanks!

Blitz Photography & Prod
18-01-12, 05:00 PM
hi harry
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The two body's are the same in so many ways but have a few things different the 7D as 19-point cross-type AF were the 60D only as 9 point cross-type AF all so the 7D as dual DIGIC 4 image processors were the 60D only as one making the 7D faster but were the other bodys like the 550D,600D & the 60D use SDXC, SD Card, SDHC memory cards the 7D uses CompactFlash which are more money to buy.
All Four bodys are APS-C CMOS sensor so you what ever the lens says on it eg 70 - 200mm lens with the 1.6 x crop factor that lens becomes a 112 - 320mm lens
as i have read on many web sites over the last few year's most use full frame sensor bodys not APS-C CMOS sensor

All so i'm sure most people on here that shoot weddings will tell you that reply to this thread its not just about the camera body's its having the right lens for the job you can have the best camera in the world but if its not got the right lens to do the job fitted to it your off to a losing start from the begin.
There is more to shooting weddings then just pointing a camera at some one you only have one shot at it and if you mess up well id not like to be in that person's shoes.

hope this is some help
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russ :)

18-01-12, 05:48 PM
Ditto above most wed togs use a 5dmk2 plus lenses that suit there style, the lenses of choice being canon L series. That said both the 60d and 7d are more than capable of doing weddings with the right lenses, as is 550d and 600d.
I know this as I have just done with a 550d as a favour to a relative.
Another thing I would point out that if i was to go and do weddings for money then i would have to have 2 bodies plus an external flash ( 2 would be better). There is a thread on this forum that goes into weddings and what to take, if i can find it i will post a link.
If you want to start in the wedding business i would look at being a second shooter and give that a try. on the big day you have to have a get it right and the days can be long and there is no second chance. I dont want to turn people off but i would get all the facts before trying to do weddings

18-01-12, 06:16 PM
try this link

Phil Hall
19-01-12, 11:32 AM
Very sound advice from the guys above. The 60D and 7D are excellent cameras - the 7D, with its more durable build will be the better choice if you're going to be using it regularly. Invest in the best glass you can afford however - fast lenses are desirable if you're going to be shooting weddings and portraits.