View Full Version : Should I use my current lense?

16-01-12, 08:32 PM

My dad gave me his old Canon EOS 620 SLR and EF 35-70mm lens a couple of years ago, but I am now thinking about upgrading to the Canon 600D DSLR.

My question is, I understand I can use the EF lens from my old SLR on the new DSLR, however what are the advantages or disadvantages of doing this?

Thanks for your help!


17-01-12, 07:17 AM
There is no reason that you cannot use it the iq may not as good as a modern lens and you you would have to think of crop factor. The 600d comes with the 18-55is lens and its not a bad lens. I would get it and then use your other lens and see what you think

Blitz Photography & Prod
18-01-12, 04:31 PM
hi tavmat

as the old saying goes if its not broke don't fix it :D