View Full Version : disappointed TZ20 owner - alternatives please!

08-01-12, 07:53 PM
I wanted a compact to take pictures of my fast moving one year old daughter, i.e. one that had good automatic settings, responded quickly (as i was tired of missing the moment), could cope with movement without resulting in blurring and one which could manage both of these things indoors, i.e. in comparatively low light. i was given a TZ20 for christmas and have concluded that this is not it. on the IA setting the image quality in low light is appalling. the video is even worse. change the settings and you end up with blur. can anyone suggest an alternative? e.g. does anyone have any experience of the Canon PowerShot SX230 HS or the Sony HX5?? (BTW we also have a canon 550D - i'm looking for something i can carry around with me in the changing bag, but it doesn't need to be tiny, just good!)