View Full Version : Which one should i buy? Help!

06-01-12, 06:17 PM
Having recently dropped my Nikon P100 I have been looking for another camera.

The P100 was great but I was a little disappointed at the image quality when using the zoom.

The most important thing is a long zoom and good image quality.

I like to take wildlife and beach shots mostly.

I am tempted by the Canon SX40 which seems to have the image quality edge and better is. But the Nikon P500 has some good reviews and is considerably cheaper. Or do I wait for the new Fuji that is coming out???????????????????

So please would someone help. Which would you buy......................................:confused :

Thanks for your help. Much appreciated:D

06-01-12, 06:57 PM
Hi. Both cameras are much the same, both zoom to over 800mm and have Image Stabilisation. The Canon seems better specified but is that worth an extra 150. I haven't heard of the new Fuji you mention, but as a Nikon user myself I'm biased anyway and would opt for the P500. I bought my D300 4 years ago and still love it to bits, it's awesome and very reliable, not one problem. Try going in store and hold your choice in your hands to get a feel of them, often this makes a difference to any preconceived ideas. Good hunting.