View Full Version : Sony NEX-C3 vs Panasonic GF3

03-01-12, 08:39 PM

First time post on your forum

Currently have Canon IXUS 70 and looking to upgrade to one of the above mentioned.

Been into Jessops and felt them both in my hand and like both of them. Like the touchscreen on the Panasonic and the angled screen on the Sony but can't decide on which one.

The Sony puts me off due to the lack of flash and having to put it on before using and I really do like the idea of the angled screen. Went to Disneyland last year and would of been handy when taking pictures during the parade when several rows back.

Any advice would be appreciated

Many thanks

04-01-12, 07:33 AM
hi and welcome I think it will have to be a compromise on what features you want but i will through in the olympus ep3 in to mix. IMHO the 4/3 market has more lenses to choose from. good luck