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Blitz Photography & Prod
15-12-11, 03:10 PM
Hi all

over the last few months i have been looking on what next Canon Body to buy or get the same body i have used since 2009 the 500D. After looking at different places for prices i found out that canon had stopped selling the 500D body only but would still sell it at as a deal with 2 lens i all ready owned silly to buy the same deal again would have if it would have been giving better lens for the price lol.

So Friday just gone i made my choice after once again just like back in 2009 watching the review from you here by Matt Tuffin on the 550D and all so seeing the images posted by wave.
So now with 2 bodys the same yep i brought 2 of them i thought i would try my hand at some slow motion video testing as i have seen a lot on youtube using the 550D as well as other body's in the EOS range and a few know by now what happens when i get bored lol

so id like to share with you all my first Slow Motion Video made with the 550D in video mode at 60fps, 18 - 55mm lens & the best tools for the job in my eyes Adobe After Effects, Photoshop & then edited in Premiere Pro


again id like to thank you all at what digital camera for your great reviews
and wave for sharing is images with us all taken with the 500D

hope you injoy it

all the best and if i don't get chance before the 25th id like to wish you all here on this great web site a merry xmas
Russ :) ho ho ho

18-12-11, 08:51 AM
Excellent video Russ! thank you for sharing it with us. Thank you for your Christmas Greetings ! and A Merry Christmas to you and your family Russ and a Very Happy New Year!..Caroline

19-12-11, 07:31 PM
Great video Russ .Thanks for putting it on. A Merry Christmas & new year to you... Graham