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11-12-11, 08:53 PM
I got myself the canon 550 back in May and have the 18-55 and 55-250 lenses. I take quite a lot photos at dogs shows etc and have found that im needed to swap the lenses quite a bit so thought I should look at getting another one. Im thinking of somthing with a range of around down at the 18mm end and up to 200mm ish but have no idea what is good. also im wondering if I should pay more attention to ones with lower F number as light at some shows can be quite poor. Should I look at the EF range as when I do get a new body I would probably got for a full frame one. Any ideas?


Blitz Photography & Prod
11-12-11, 10:12 PM
hi ltodd2

first off all comes down to how much you have to spend on a lens the better the lens the more money you will pay but you any get what you pay for i started out with the kit lens and a Tamron 70 - 300mm lens back in 2009 and taken some great shots with both lens since then ive not long brought a sigma 70 - 200mm f2.8 great for working in low light it now sits on my canon EOS500D more then any of my other 5 lens i own
so if you can afford to buy better quality glass do m8 you have a great DSLR as ive just up graded my DSLR'S to 2 model's like you have the 500D

hope this helps you out some its just as hard when looking for lens as camera body's

all the best
Russ :)

13-12-11, 10:14 AM
How close are you to the shots you want to take. IMHO a one lens fits all is not the way to go, do you use flash or is it not allowed.

02-01-12, 07:50 PM

Flash is not realy allowed. Distance can be a few meters upto 20. I know that a one lense for all will never work but thought I may find somthing along the lines im after for these kind of shots and get more didicated ones in the futrure when money allows.


03-01-12, 07:44 AM
there are 18-250 lenses from both sigma and tamron but both have f3.5 limit so IMHO you gain nothing the 55-250 is the same. to go to a canon L series lens with f2.8 is a big jump in price they start at 70 -200. I used my sigma 17-70os over the christmas period to take some shoots of the family ice skating and it worked very well as did my 55-250 but i did have my iso up to 1600 and no flash. I would say go try the sigma 17-70 and the canon 15-85 it may just fit your needs with only the occasional lens change. then save for a canon Lseries