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02-12-11, 11:21 AM
Good Morning all this is my 1st time using the forum.

To get straight to the point I am being bought a compact / Ultra compact digital camera for Christmas (Lucky me) and I have been given a budget of 250.

My desired but not essential spec is as follows (I am prepared to sacrifice features for quality)

10 MP +
Wide Angle Lens
HD Video capability
Good over all image quality
Low light feature
Good Macro capability
HDR feature would be great.

If anyone has any hep or advice they can offer it would be appreciated. I have been looking online for 2 days now and the more I read and explore the more confused I get, I know there are Cameras out there full of features but the image senor is not that great.



02-12-11, 11:24 AM
Just to give a bit of insight as to what it will be used for...

General every day photography, some low light and some landscape shots. I often photograph architecture and sometimes do some portrait shots of people.
I also own a Nikon D40 but find the logistics of carrying this around especially when in work .. well slightly awkward.


Phil Hall
02-12-11, 12:36 PM
Hi there KiliClimber and welcome to the WDC forum.

If you've got 250 spend, we'd suggest you take a look at the Fujifilm F550EXR:


It fits the brief perfectly. Featuring a clever 16MP EXR CMOS sensor, the chip can be optimised for improved low-light and high-constrast shooting. There's a broad 24-360mm optical zoom lens, that'll also happily shoot Macro images, while HD video footage is captured at 1080p. All for a very reasonable 199.