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22-11-11, 06:04 PM
My wife asked me if I wanted a better lense for my camera and came across some deals on Amazon but truth be told I completely havent a clue on lenses.



Could someone please look at these and tell me the difference between the two and woould they fit a Canon 1000D ?

Thanks :)

23-11-11, 08:36 AM
Hi if you want a zoom then go for the 55-250is, it punches well above its weight. to be honest the 75-300 isnt that great a lens for a start no image stabalization. You be sorry with the 55-250is. Good Luck

23-11-11, 02:56 PM
Get a 50mm f/1.8, seriously theyre AMAZING little lenses, can blur out the background really, really well, theyre tack sharp, really light, dont take up much space at all, and wont go anywhere near breaking the bank ;)

70 quid cant go wrong ;)

23-11-11, 03:56 PM
The plastic fantastic it is a great lens and for the price you just cant beat it. I have that and the 55-250 plus a sigma 17-70os

25-11-11, 10:05 PM
thanks for the heads up fellas.

Went for the zoom then found there was a newer version