View Full Version : Please Help. Camera for Interiors.

17-11-11, 12:38 PM
Hi. I am a complete beginner and have no clue about cameras apart from my trusted compact one. The thing is I am opening an interior shop online and also creating a blog linking to the shop. In the blog I will post pictures of interiors(close up and whole rooms) and homes I visit. I need the pictures to come out great. I follow a few blogs myself and if the pictures are not up to scratch, then I am not interested.
Donít worry, I totally understand that skill behind the camera has something (most) to do with it as well, so I am signing up for beginner classes in the new year. But I am clueless on what camera and accessories to get. So can anyone help me with this; what beginner camera to get for interior blogs...? Many thanks.

17-11-11, 05:03 PM
Hi and welcome I would look for a photo course at a local college to start with then I would budget for a DSLR and a nice wide lens and a telephoto. You will need a tripod and get used to taking pictures with natural light and slow shutter speeds. Good Luck