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13-11-11, 03:10 PM
Hi all, im a complete begginner to cameras lol. Im looking to get my self a dslr camera but still trying to decide. Im finding it very difficult as i know abolutely nothing about them.

First question of many i guess, is megapixels.

Is there much difference between 16mp and 18mp if not is there much difference between 10.5MP and 16MP?

Thanks in advance everyone

13-11-11, 04:31 PM
Hi and welcome first question what do you want to take pictures of, and why do you want a DSLR. mega pixccels are not everything the higher they are the more you can blowup a picture or crop it down is a simple explanation

13-11-11, 04:58 PM

Um DSLR because i want to learn abit (not proffesionally) about photography and take it up for a hobby. At the moment i use my iphone camera to take pictures of days out and holidays and stuff,
Nothing major. And people completement the pictures i take and ask if i would use there camera for special occasions.

So im looking for a half decent DSLR which is fairly quick with its shots so i dont miss an oppertunity and obviously has a good quality picture result.

Hope this helps u help me lol.

14-11-11, 07:26 AM
The only reason I ask is that you can get really good bridge cameras and you can use those with manual control but you dont have to get extra lenses. if its a DSLR then I would say a canon 500d or 600d or nikon d5100. Both canon and nikon have extensive lenses plus the third party ones.

16-11-11, 05:22 PM
To answer your questions
16-18 megapixels really isnt a big gap at all, you wont notice a thing, I went from a 10mp sensor to a near 25 one and dont see toooo much difference ;)
Id suggest the nikon d3100 :)

05-06-12, 01:58 PM
Higher megapixels will count if you want to produce large scale prints, 18 megapixel will cope with A3 easily, A2 at a stretch.

17-07-14, 07:52 PM
I'm new to this and I'm not sure how to open a new post so I'm stealing yours as you seem to be in the same situation as me :)

I'm looking to buy a Bridge camera after doing loads of research I have come to find a Bridge will do me fine.

I am wanting to know also how the MP make a difference. I am looking at Nikon Coolpix P530 - 16MP, Sony Cyber-shot DSC-H400 - 20.1mp & Panasonic Lumix DMC-FZ72 16.1MP.

At first glance I thought the Sony would be the best due to the MP but after reading many reviews it seems this doesn't matter as I wont be blowing it up to A2 too much. I want a camera that can do good portraits, outdoor shots and events.

Hope you can help - and if anyone could tell me where to write a post that would be great too :)

Thanks K.

JH Foto
07-08-14, 08:37 AM
I can recommend the Nikon d5300, an excellent all round camera. I have owned mine for only a week but so far its performance is awesome..

08-08-14, 12:02 PM
From my view Megapixels are a selling point. From the dawn of digital photography I have images stored every one is smaller than the original file, and every one is an acceptable image. As the the capability of each camera has increased I have thrown away more data, when selecting my keepers. Many folks have invested in post capture film editing software and believe the bigger there image files the better the final result, if you are earniing your crust with the camera I can understand this. You have to compete. For most amateur photographers this isn't the case get it right at the time of capture and you have a keeper. So many times I see images that can never have existed in real life and wonder why. Most of my images where taken as part of a store of memoriies. Should I have wished them different I have my imagination that can be accessed any time for free.